Mala s want to cam bout it

Next blah-blah. Finale over. Hohoho. After that even as we the accomplished, i wandered in order to St. James to makan. This may be ended up it was simply for the new taekwando users, the latest PJN college students usually do not. Thus Sir Zulhan are bangang, t hen we waited outside of the college and you will aiyah. Thus sial ah this option woman, the guy wade and you will marah sir i am talking about as with main2 la. But Sir didn’t grab the jokes thus the guy went KABLOOOEEEYYY. Marah brabis. After all I am biasa sudah experiencing your marah2. However the someone else maybe not. Very these are typically eg freaked-out. WOOOH. Next i waited beneath the tree near the post-office, took those photos which have Leng . Oitt your. The pic banyak ahh. haha. Then next we’d simply to walk back to the D.O’s offic elizabeth? family? any type of. The foods is nyamannn. Especially the daging. EHHH. Nyasal nda tapau. HAHA. Glen and Ryan , the two apeks, were really riding me personally wild wah. Kacauing someone such as for instance upset that. Glen was particularly poking myself a lot of times, utilize the pom-poms and you will wave it inside my deal with, told you stupid jokes that renders myself make fun of my personal butt of right until my tummy felt like exploding. Then that it some other apek, Ryan . Exact same and additionally. Haiyeee. Then again once again. Ok ler. So boring regarding go camping. HAHA. Qilah is taking care of the woman bf. AHEMMMS. And Mirah is very nearly kena kacaued because of the Latif sinc e the guy ha ve this Grand crush for her. HAHA. And Azaa is bimboing around that have Muiz kali. haha.

Their bajus is like good lil large in their mind, that produce em research cuter

Snapped loads of pictures as well. HAHA. Hotties almost everywhere. And you can attractive lil kids performing this new performan le. A great HAHA. Snapped pictures with Leng , the fresh fourscienceone babes hehe, ryan, glen, adiey, Shah, Hans, Hann a beneficial, lynz additionally the checklist goes on. HEEE. BAHH. I am regarding. Banyak jua ku tulis dah ni. lol. Toodles. &Hearts; Photos on Padangs.

Okay, their oneish today. I am allowed to be sleep Nowadays but I recently can not lead to mother knocked on my doorway at the moment as i Try Sleep currently asking for father’s cam. Damn. Uh, maybe not you mumsie. heeee.

Really, almost immediately I’m discovering everbody’s weblog nowadays since i have cannot sleep. Leng’s was comedy. The woman is thus unemployment ka, even the tikus that kena pitfall and she desired to capture picture leh. haha. Oh yeah, speaking fight pics. LENG, I am Thus Sorry. HAHA. I bareeeeeely view you within padang wah. But there is however the next day best? ;P

Blah blah blah

I’m already detesting which a couple of bimbos, one in my personal school that out-of anothers. These are generally therefore fcking annoying eh. That one bimbo which thinks she’s common/famous or was just about it self-proclaimed? I don’t know. Really, i used to be their friend. Accustomed. Now she actually is pretending upwards all of the caught-upwards dumb little bitch with a lot of their family unit members, who has got about including their. Plastic material become particular. OMG. Are you willing to believe it? I am talking about, the woman is chubby-ER-Emergency room which means the woman is a beneficial xxxl dimensions in my opinion but she wears ab muscles hugging muscles clothing that renders her seem like, uhh, we don’t discover. As well as the woman ugly lemaks are seeeen. lol. As to why cannot chubby otherwise can i state Lbs some body make use of the attire that meets her or him in the place of make use of the most ketat gowns only to cause them to become search thin *however, turns out to look such as for instance an effective uhh, big bertha?* I am not saying that you cannot follow the most recent style, however, Excite minichat wsparcie, guarantee that it looks right on you babe. Excite, do not humiliate oneself. Select, i will be getting niceee. hahah. *barf*