Pandora Jorgensen-Heathcoe
Pandora Jorgensen-HeathcoePartner
Amelia Gilley
Amelia GilleyPartner

Bohemian LA Productions, LLC is committed to promoting, inspiring, educating and empowering artists and audiences in order to engage the community through arts and cinema.”

Team Skills and Talents
Filmmaking 42%
Screenwriter 78%
Producer 77%
Grant Writer 83%
Videographer 64%
Photographer 80%

What We Know and Do

“Building and promoting a foundation for an interest in the creative arts, literature, and filmmaking,” is the mission statement of Bohemian Productions, LLC.

Co-owners, Amelia C. Gilley and Pandora Jorgensen-Heathcoe, both share a passionate love of films, literature, and the creative arts. Both have their own unique business skills that when complemented with one another, have the potential for a successful collaboration. Both owners also have long-term artistic projects they would like to see through to fruition within a supportive environment of this type of small business. The long-term projects are identified as independent filmmaking and historical/biographical literature.

After volunteering with several creative arts projects and appropriate research, it was determined that if a collaboration was formed, not only could Jorgensen-Heathcoe and Gilley produce their own artistic freedoms but they could also bring a support to budding filmmakers and artists on the Gulf Coast of Alabama that has not yet been seen. For example, affordable or no-cost filmmaker and other creative arts workshops are unseen in the geographical areas of the Eastern Shore of Alabama and Mobile, AL. These types of workshops are readily available in larger Alabama cities such as Montgomery and Birmingham but not in lower Alabama. Additionally, writer’s groups are readily available in the local area but you won’t find groups educating and supporting the publication of literary works. Another service Bohemian LA Productions, LLC will provide will be grant writing for artistic funding. This service designed specifically for artistic funding has not been found in the area in the research that has been conducted.

Amelia Gilley brings over 10 years of experience in grant writing for the non-profit sector. Pandora Jorgensen-Heathcoe brings a level of fundraising to the equation that is backed up by her years of volunteer experience raising funds for many non-profit groups.