Nos destrozaron las radios y los televisores

The latest Sistine Church is filled with graffiti, the pope could have been pulled through the streets away from Rome, flogged by the men which he very enjoyed and you can caressed

They shed our radios and you can tv sets to depart united states in the place of images, instead of those maudlin tunes you to definitely lulled our early in the day to bed back whenever we nevertheless sensed in trains by coastal, in the ranch where Laura sent their milk products churns on the river in order to meet the latest prince towards horseback, making out new stamping steed toward mouth like in Gwendolyns backyard, given up to what it titled love. They made us purchase nights reading Barthes and Derrida up until conditions came undone within our hands and absolutely nothing got more worthiness than exactly what it possess had but do not did since if claims together with prior were you to additionally the same. We are able to merely like lifeless women, into the windowpanes it searched naked and you will desolate, the most beautiful is actually the one whose looks is actually covered inside off, a dead son at the her nipple. Our eyes beheld simply grief. The ears read only strident, shrieked terms. Not one person wished to awaken all of us. It declined united states the orchards, this new towns having taverns and carriages, new peacefulness of cemeteries, the fresh new hearses glowing in the sun, heads much more likely through to the dead at the latest hr of Angelus, the fresh reaping and the drunkenness of grape compile, haylofts where somebody in the end gave us the naked system together with disclosure produced us scream.

And you will through to the cross it opened this lady naked, secure within the bloodstream in which we love female very and come up with you stop loving her or him

Laura was still a virgin. Their people not yet sobbing regarding the garden. She greeted the new staff of Thetis secured toward River Ouse, she traversed the brand new undulating reputation of your own hills from Sussex, beauty absorbed within the beauty, up to when you look at the Newhaven she found ocean mist, a furry hand searching towards the her feet, breaking the woman instead of the woman knowing the like she not any longer experienced inside, nor create previously. All women expelled out of Eden, destined and you may given up, feel prostitutes. Usually do not humiliate the newest humiliated, end wounding the brand new lifeless, never profane beauty. Toward computers screens we identify our very own shed label, he is all of our thoughts, they come back for the last to you. Our very own mommy, a slut who escaped the house once birthing me. She didnt such as my personal deal with, it wasnt telegenic, couldn’t advertise soap, happier one of bubbles. She didnt have to ruin the woman chest. Later in the day she emptied this lady milk products to your bathroom and i also is awoken from the hunger while the sour smell of her nipples.

And now I check for Laura, however, she died, crucified. The girl virginity upset men. Up until it given up you within this wilderness and this, of afar, appeared as if an unreal town, the brand new Heaven where we need to not ever have believed. This new unlock soil is filled up with the brand new decaying cadavers off angels and you may, whenever a radio hand open brand new doorways, we read the songs you to hears from inside the Paradise but there is not one person, zero path to realize, nothing to contemplate. I experienced so you can invent my personal early in the day, that it tale We generate understanding it’s just not specific because the confidence does not can be found. I invent Laura and you can she flees. Condemned to help you creative imagination, cursed by this lady, We skip if stop regarding months may come, when dawns will arise in this frightening darkness. I understand, since You will find simply complete inventing it, Laura is girls, this lady pubic locks, their armpits, their right back where lizards repose, her empty look where sunshine sleeps. While i go back to the world, will i keep this in mind tale? Am i going to recall the individual who is actually mother, the latest violated girl, the required lady, the newest breathing of charm which now denies me personally forever? The intimidating commencement of Genesis, their worst vegetation?