She treasured to view cartoons and stay together with her loved ones

I became on the Twitter yesterday and you will seem to “Scandal” is actually towards; new show where Kerry Washington plays a black colored woman which have an event to your chairman. I find it fascinating one to Scores of Black colored women watch so it let you know faithfully, but are area of the ones forced and you may pissed when they are cheated toward. Yes, “Scandal” is on tv, nevertheless the dynamics of inform you is actually actual. Therefore following could it possibly be okay to brighten to your items out of your chair, however when the man methods aside, you would like sympathy and assistance? Really don’t understand this. And then, some of you feel the courage to wishing to have Beyonce and you may Jay-Z’s splitting up due to the lady uncle’s letter. I am talking about, just what fuck is the deal with people immediately? Will you be which dysfunctional getting an enthusiast on the circumstances to your tv then wish for another woman to get divorced, simply to guarantee that your relationship remains flawless?

Beyonce gave their Pr new go ahead to produce you to definitely phony letter and you may interview. So that the matter you should be inquiring is exactly what the new Shag is through Beyonce nowadays?

I have had an identical thought about Scandal but heck this new tell you is just too big good to put down thus.

All about BeyFraud is computed. When it managed to make it for the urban articles, its as the she wanted it in order to. Is not so it supposed to be Kelly’s times in order to get noticed? Why is Beydumb dripping hearsay on this lady delay southern ghetto creole family relations?

^^^^^ummm not all the black colored females observe scandal..we cannot generally there happens your theory. the generalizing. btw how will you know all the ladies watchin try black colored. you sound like u makin up an explanation going for the to your bw..what about all of the women that view detergent operas everyday. they all black colored too. anyway into material they does not seem strange so you’re able to others you to beyonce uncles history name is beyince. and i also cosign you to definitely review that bey possess fallen to own that nicca jays gender. read the guy started using it by doing this

, Word on the street is she made those people audio so you can place colors in the Jay’s front girls, mistresses an such like. I think it absolutely was a lot more of their friction they within their faces you to she is the one he had been indeed hitched to and dressed in his band.

Odd matchmaking, strange marriage and you can odd maternity

I simply learn Bey use to go out “prettier boys”. It really seemed like Jay would have perhaps not come good looking enough on her behalf however, I suppose perhaps she is fed up with are alone. I recall an interview she performed where she said she was attending select the lady a date. I guess Jay arrived in the right time.

I also understand someplace one Jay alledgely told you he could be devoted to Bey while they are in the same urban area. I absolutely believe that matrimony are “open” in the same manner you to definitely Jay extends to create Jay for as long when he does not build Bey lookup crappy in public.

It songs some time odd in my experience. All of the Destiny’s Child or Beyonce trailing the music special I’ve ever before viewed it actually was shown you to definitely Beyonce is actually always intent on as a dancer while the she was a young child. Thus severe one Matthew stop their work to focus on while making Beyonce’s ( DC’s) job happens.

Beyonce loves her certain jayz

Puh-rent! She actually is constantly pouring on the your. At the same time the guy barely pays this lady one attention. He cannot never tell you Beyonce, the kind of like and you can love the guy showed Aaliyah. In my experience she appears to be a lot more towards the your than he is through the girl. He snacks the girl butt eg an effective dummy. And you can such as for instance she’s his organization spouse and pal, over their partner. Its matchmaking is out of strange. Unc will need to have a chair for the a vintage individuals domestic someplace Pasadena escort service and you may hush!